Welcome to Canada White Smile™!

We are pleased to introduce Canada White Smile™, a 12 minute, professional teeth whitening system. This is a cosmetic procedure, not a dental procedure; and it is now available in Canada. First introduced in April 2007, Canada White Smile™ has been the first choice of tens of thousands Canadians, from coast to coast; for teeth whitening. This self-administered cosmetic system has been perfected by our Dental Chemist, who was one of the chemists that developed the original leading Dental whitening procedure over a decade ago. Canada White Smile™ introduces a series of innovations and real science brought together to give you the whitest smile in a simple 12 minute process. Teeth whitening in record time – without the dentist or the dentist’s price – in a simple yet comprehensive two part approach to getting and keeping the smile of a lifetime.

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